This is Part 2 of our new article. If you want to check out the first part of this useful guide you can click here. As we all know, moving can be quite a chore to do. This summer, some of you guys might be moving to other places to go to college or finally to venture out and start your new career. Here is the second part of the tips for you guys so you can make a hassle-free transfer.

Make a moving out check list. This little factor can really make a big difference when it comes to making everything as organized as possible. The check list can help you a lot when it comes to making you remember every bit of detail and task that you need to keep in mind before things start to get fuzzy and very confusing. For a more detailed look on how these checklists can help you, you can check out this article here.

The next best thing to do is to start getting organized. With the checklist in hand, you can start to pick up on the little portions of the whole job while the scheduled time for your removals hasn’t arrived yet. Doing little things like packaging your clothes, can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. As you go through these little things, make sure that you are labeling along the way. Together with your checklist, keep an inventory list handy as well.  With each box that you record or with each item that you put inside, you can make an inventory of all these things so you can trace them back later on. Make sure to label the box and write all the things that you have placed inside the box on your record list together with the box label. Keeping a copy of this list on your computer is also a highly recommended thing to do. Also, you need to start visualizing about the actual job. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed later on when the removals company starts to do the job and people start to pour in your home.

Another good idea is to color code everything. Aside from helping you with remember which things go to where and what things go to which boxes, color coding can make things a little bit fun. Keep in mind that moving can be quite stressful and arduous, get your family to take a look at the task from a new perspective. Designate a certain color for the boxes that corresponds to a certain room in your house. This way, workers can segregate and keep together boxes that will go into the same room later on. You don’t need to color the boxes, you can use stickers or any other identifying marks that can help you code everything.

Keep your essentials and valuables together in a single suitcase. It is very likely that all your belongings will end up crammed and stacked together later on and it will be very difficult to rummage through all these things later on when you need something like important documents and identification. It would also help you later on in cases of emergencies when you might need medications and also other things like toiletries and many other personal things.

Fragile things and antiques are quite difficult to handle. It is probably best if you would personally take the time to package all these. Seeing that all these stuff are mostly priceless treasures, take the effort to handle the job personally, if you would rather want the employees to handle it, you can instead supervise it personally while they are doing the job. Buying bubble wraps, right sized boxes and even little Styrofoam would definitely be a good investment on your part. Giving these valuable things the attention and security that it needs will make sure that it will be well protected. Failure to do so will probably end up in an irreplaceable loss.

After all these things have been taken into consideration, make sure that you do a double check on everything. Turn off the gas before leaving the house or make sure that the air-conditioning is shut off. Lock all the windows and the doors before leaving. Check on all the closest, drawers or possible even the secret places that might still have things that were not yet packed. Be sure that you have food and water handy at all times especially when you have kids around.

Moving is indeed stressful but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to make it more easy and organized. Sydney Furniture Removals is definitely the best removals company to handle your removals and transfer jobs. The company has been trusted by hundreds if not thousands of clients all across Sydney and the suburbs. Come and visit us and see what we can do for you.


There are a lot of things to consider when you are going to do a house or office transfer. In order for your move to be cost efficient and smooth, you need to cover all the factors ahead of time. Moving from one place to another can be quite a chore especially when you need to transfer to distant places and more so when you are doing it on your own. But the good news is that nowadays, there are a lot of removal companies out there that can help you make your house or office transfer as smooth as possible.

A lot of removals service providers are offering new clients a vast number of services, promotions and budget deals. Most of them not only offer clients with good insurance policies, they can also help you by giving you useful advices and tips that can ease up your stress load. One of the services that these companies can offer you is their online job quote. This tool can help you get a free estimate of how much the entire removals job will cost you. A lot of clients are wondering if this is indeed worth the cost or if getting this type of deal would be a good decision. The best way perhaps, of knowing if this is indeed a good choice is by trying it out.

In my experience, using the estimate deals is really a good option for clients, especially when you plan to move to very long distances. If you hired a good removals company, you can get a really good estimate. On the other hand, hiring a new company will get you into a lot of trouble due to their lack of experience. You might get charged later on because they estimated too low or you might be paying too much because they estimated too high. If you need guidelines in choosing a good removals company, you can check out other articles here. With the right company, you can get the best rate for the job, the right insurance coverage and you will be able to make the transfer as scheduled.

The estimates are done through the use of surveyors. Usually, the removals company will send an experienced employee to your home to get a perspective on the location, the entrance and exits of your homes, the stair angles, places where the company can park their truck later on, the distance between your home and the street and most importantly the number of furniture or good that has to be packaged and transported. Once all these factors are taken into consideration, the employee will calculate everything and give you the estimate. The disadvantage however for doing estimates is that there will be a limitation to everything. It means that only the things that were previously considered will be taken care of by the company.

The estimates that are done online are more or less the same as the estimates done onsite. Instead of a company employee coming in to your house, you will be filing an online form or questionnaire that will ask about the conditions in your house. Its purpose is still the same though, it is about getting all the information that the company needs in order for you to get an estimate. Make sure to be specific when filing up the forms, this can help you get all the jobs you need done. Make sure to carefully answer the provided questions and give detail to the exact location where you are in and where you are going to transfer. The best reason for opting for the online estimate is because of accessibility and availability. You can do it anywhere you want to and you can do it at any comfortable time of your choosing.

These estimates are a very useful tool for clients who need to make a house or office transfer fast. Keep in mind that these removals companies exist to provide comfort and ease to clients during this very stressful and arduous part of their lives. Sydney Furniture Removals has been in service for over a decade now. Drop by our website and let us handle your entire removals job. You can also check out our free online quote so you can get the best deals for your budget.

Moving to a new household or office is a very challenging experience. Packaging is by far the most tedious part of it all.  Most of us, because of our lack in experience, have a hard time doing all these things. That is why, more often than not, we call for the aid of a removals company. Hiring a good removals company is a very good decision on your part, but there are a few things to consider before you do hire one.

The first thing that you need to consider is that you need to make sure that the company that you are going to hire is one that is licensed. There are a lot of companies out there who pretend to have all that it takes to be a good removals service provider and most of them cannot even produce a license when you ask for it. When a company does not show you their license, then this is proof enough that the business that they are running is illegal and it would be best that you stay away from this company.

You also need to ask for feedbacks from people you know. A good removals company can provide you with references and previous clients who can tell you about the quality of the service that they provide. You can also refer to their online feedbacks and other comments that they have with regards to their service. With enough research skills, you can usually dig up almost anything on the internet. Ask the company on how they are planning to undertake the removals job. Ask them if they can provide you with some means of tracking where your furniture and belongings are.  You can always label and tag your belongings but it is always better when the company can provide you with constant updates on where your belongings are at any given time especially on distant house transfers. Always make sure that you keep a close track of your personals especially when you have other people handling them.

The next thing that you should ask the removals company is with regards to insurance. Ask the removals company about their insurance coverage and make sure that you delve in to every detail about it. Never hesitate to ask about what happens when there are breakages and etc. as a paying customer you deserve all the right to ask as many questions as you want. Find out if they can cover any damages done or if they will also replace any of your belongings that cannot be repaired. Ask for a hard copy of your contract agreement. Keep your eyes open for any hidden fees or any additional charges. A lot of shady removals companies do this kind of racket. They try to offer you with low cost deals but they charge you afterwards with huge amounts of hidden fees. Make sure that the allotted time frame for the job is also indicated in the contract agreement. Ask the removals company about the supplies that they are going to provide. Make sure that the little things like boxes, tapes and tags will be provided for. Make sure that the agreement will be crisp and clear on this one; you don’t want anybody pointing fingers when the men arrive and there are no boxes and packaging tapes available for use.

Go for quality over cost. A lot of people who look for the cheapest deals either get into shady frauds or will have headaches over damaged good later. Having the lowest budget deals does not really mean that you will end up having the best service there is. Everything needs to balance out. Never compromise the service, the safety and the insurance of your goods, if you want to cut on costs, try out different packages that you can avail where you can take charge of buying the boxes or tapes or you can do the packaging yourself, so the company can do the rest of the job at a lower cost. Lastly, never go for companies who cannot accommodate you properly on the phone or in person. If the company is untidy and they way they handle their customers is on a very unprofessional level, you can expect also that hiring them would be a disaster.

Moving on to a new environment can be a happy experience. It can be a much needed new beginning for you and your family. Make sure that you go through all of these guidelines and hire a good removals company. For removal jobs in Sydney, I highly recommend Sydney Furniture Removals. Sydney furniture Removals has been in the business for over a decade, they have been giving customers the best removals job available in Sydney. Come and visit Sydney Furniture Removals and we can promise you the best removals job without the headaches and hassles!

Relocating To another house can be very hard and difficult to do. Oftentimes, the moves can also even be stressful especially when you are moving to some place far. With all the things that you need to consider, like the packaging, the transporting and the double checking, not to mention mail redirecting, work concerns and possible school transfers and such, add them all up can only mean you’ve got a time bomb just waiting to explode. Fortunately, the one-stop shop for all your removals needs can be as easy as a phone call. Calling in the professional removers to do the job for you can be the surest way that you can avoid all the unnecessary hassles and stress of doing the job yourself. Finding a good removals company is very vital in this situation. But how can we truly identify a good removals company from other shady ones? What are the many things that we need to consider before hiring a removals company?

1.  The company that you are hiring needs to be able to give you the assurance that your treasured belongings will be handled with utmost care. You need to hire a company that can give you a good insurance and an affordable service that is well within your budget without having to compromise the safety of your furniture.

2. A good removals company can be able to give you the breakdown of the charges that they want you to pay. Remember, money is never easy these days, never hesitate to ask for the reason why they are asking you to pay that much. Ask for numerous quotes from different companies, doing so will help you compare which ones can give you the service that you need.

3. Ask for their other services. Good removals companies have a lot of services in their arsenal. Some can provide you with storage facilities and even give a seat during the transport should you wish to accompany your belongings. Other companies can also offer you services like labeling and packing your items. There are a lot of service packages that these companies may provide you, like load or unload only, pack or unpack only, and sometimes transport only. You can avail these services so you can save up on expenses.

4. Do a quick investigation. Look around for the companies in the internet. Look for their testimonials and see the videos of their jobs. You can also give them a call and see how they respond and handle their potential customers. If they are not that accommodating, then this can give you a tell tale sign that the job your getting will not be as good as they say it will be. You can also read about their blogs. Blogs can help you identify which of the companies really do care for their customers.

5. Make sure that the company that you are about to hire is licensed. Always take the time to read about their insurance policies. Make sure that you are getting a contract about the insurance agreements between you and the company. Read in between the lines and consider every detail.

6. Once you have chosen a company, make sure that you have a written agreement with the company. Make sure that you will get everything written down, including the agreed quote of payment for the charges and especially the clear agreement about their insurance policy just in case. Make sure also that you will get all the information that you need including contact details, details of the deliver process, the route the truck is going to take and an estimated time of arrival.

Sydney Furniture Removals has been giving the very best removals service in Sydney for over a decade. If you need to find real removals experts, look up Sydney Furniture Removals and We will make sure that you will get real quality service that you can afford.

Finding the right house and the right environment for you to live in is not at all that hard to do. Most of us have the general idea of where we want to stay, where we want to raise our family and where we want to make a home. The second part of it is basically what gets most of us. And that part of course is the actual transfer or removal of all your things from the old house to the new place. This bothers a lot of people simply because not many of us have been through this process. We all have a picture in our heads of what our dream home is but almost none of us can picture out all the things that one needs to consider in a removal.

In order for you to have a smooth transfer process, you need to get all the information that you need. Armed with the right knowledge, you can get the transfer done smoothly and in no time. You also need to consider that the smoother your transfer is, the better it will be for you and your loved ones. That is why smart people always choose to hire a trusted removals Company.

The first thing that you need to consider is that you need to segregate important things from non essential goods. You want to make sure that you are getting the important files, furniture, supplies and goods ready for the removalists to pack and pick up and you also need to set aside the stuff that are least useful and important. Don’t waste your time preparing boxes of toilet paper or boxes of perishable good or even the old stuff that has been cramping up your attic. You can try to put them up for a garage sale instead.

You also need to segregate stuff per room and per kind. During the packing process, the removal experts will pack different stuffs into different specific boxes in order to make sure that all of your things will be taken cared of properly. If you want to get a guide in packing, you can check out the article here. In cases wherein you need to do the packing yourself, make sure that you are using a sturdy kind of packaging tape. The boxes will go through a lot of bumps during the transfer process and I’m sure that you don’t want anything spilling out of the boxes and breaking during the move.

As the removalists pack your goods, move around and start labeling the boxes when they are done. This can help you during the unpacking process and it can tell you what is inside just in case you need to find things later on and it can also help secure your goods by letting the removal experts know which ones are fragile and which ones are not. Though expert removals service providers know a lot in handling all these delicate stuff, doing these can at least give you the ease knowing that you did your part too, especially with the boxes that you yourself packed.

Let the removal experts do their job. A lot of customers boss around the removal process not knowing the many conditions that one needs to consider like the truck space and etc. There are times when beds, sofas are moved first and there are also times when fragile stuff is removed first. Give the removalists ample space o work on, and let the men handle the heavy stuff. Don’t start getting avoidable injuries by interfering with the work and lifting heavy furniture as well. Remember that these men are trained experts and they are more than used to in carrying and maneuvering heavy objects up and down the stairs.

Lastly, stop worrying and start enjoying. Hiring a Trusted removals company can give you the ease and comfort that you need. Why not take the time to double check and follow up on things that might get left behind. Or what about hanging out with friends or loved one whom you’ll be leaving behind. Avoid all the hassles, avoid all the unnecessary back injuries and start relaxing and being optimistic that you are almost about to get the fresh start that your family needs!

Markets are reaching out and expanding into a global level. People are being sent to the field and relocated to new places to do work. Often times, business opportunities require you to transfer across new counties and even to new countries. And when people are being moved it can also mean that their families will be relocated as well. Because of the tedious requirements that a company has for its employees, many of them offer various services as inclusions to the contract, like providing a new house and providing the services necessary to transport your Goods to the new location.

Providing removals services is a big business nowadays. With a lot of professionals and families moving from one place to another, many who travel to long distances will require the aid of a removals company. However, because different places have different rules, different situations and different availabilities, every new job presents a new challenge to the service providers. New costumers, because they are new in the area may often times lack the patience and the understanding especially when they expect that their goods will arrive at almost the same time that they do. This is why people really need to hire experienced removalists. Only experienced removal companies can give you a real-time and factual estimate of the duration of the whole job from packing to transport to unpacking.

Another problem that will arise from a new transferee is when they forget to consider the availability of their parking spaces in their new home. They tend to consider and forget these things and doing so causes a lot of headaches and delays. Keep in mind that there are different rules in every different places, and some places may require you to pay for permits and many other things so you can park the truck in a spot that is best situated for transporting your goods to your new home. You can get an Idea of how parking spaces can affect your home transfer HERE. Again, if you were able to hire an experienced removal company, you would be informed firsthand about the situation and you would also be informed about many other things to consider before the actual move is done. Yes, it includes knowing if the piano will fit into your new door!

Perhaps the most common problem that both the customers and the Removal Company have is the problem with the economy. There are instances when people are forced to transfer not because of opportunity but because of job loss. And this situation will definitely come in contrast to the ever increasing cost of commodities and services for that matter. Because of this, people are forced to give the job to companies who charge less. Unfortunately, these companies also do the job poorly. This is when the advantage of hiring a family based removals company comes in. People who own these companies have the heart to understand your limitations and they can help you get the job done properly at the lowest possible budget.

The Sydney Furniture Removals company is a family owned company who have been caring and serving customers for over a decade. We don’t just provide services at a professional level, our constant interactions with family and house transfers have allowed us to establish a rapport between the company and the families that we serve. Our company motto “Moving your world with CARE” has not only been a promise to take care of your belongings but also a promise to look after the people behind the quote or the phone call. Our company goes beyond expectations by under promising but over delivering. We feel happy every time people will require our services and not because we get paid, but because we are also getting the opportunity to show to you the quality of our work, the opportunity for us and our customers to make a bond, an opportunity to establish a brand name that can be trusted for years to come. Here at Sydney Furniture Removals, we CARE for you too!

Some of our Customers have had the misfortune of breaking furniture or hurting themselves when they tried to move their stuff by themselves. In all the years that my company has served people, the hardest thing to remove and transport to our truck is the piano. The kind of piano does not matter at all, just imagine lifting one down the stairs with all your might just giving it your very best to avoid one of its legs to snag and break. Pianos cost a fortune to buy, and most of our customers either own the ones that have sentimental value to them or the ones that are very old, very fragile and very expensive.

So what should one do when trying to remove a piano? Well you can do it yourself if you want to, and maybe ask your friends to help. But the problem with that idea is that when bad things start to happen like breakages and injuries, you have got no one to blame but yourself. I suggest that you hire an expert removals company, a company that has the enough years of experience to tackle these types of hard jobs. When hiring a removals company, make sure that you inform them ahead that you have big and expensive furniture such as a piano and other large antiques. Doing so allows the company manager to give you the best personnel in his team for the job.  It also allows the company to foresee your needs so it can provide the best tools to do the job right. Make sure that the company also has insurance so you can provide security for all your precious belongings.

So how do the experts do it? Well first of all, our team has been through a lot of heavy lifts. We look after our own employees and so the first thing they learn and internalize is how to do a proper lift. To avoid any back injuries, we have taught them not to fully extend their knees but to bend it a little so that the legs will carry the most load instead of putting all the burden to the back and to the spine. The next thing that we do is that before we do any lifting, we plan ahead our route and make sure that there are no obstacles in the path where we might trip and fall. Next, we adjust on the weight of what we are lifting, if the object is too heavy or is too delicate, we move it by the inch doing it by the distance and not by the strength that we have. Doing this vice versa makes slips happen and these accidents do a lot of damage to your property. When we have finally taken the piano outside the house, we utilize the hydraulic platform in our truck so that the object can be lifted up with utmost care. We also make sure that we wrap a lot of furniture pads around it so it doesn’t move around the truck, gets scratched or gets broken during the transport. You can actually see a video of us doing a similar job.

Experienced removalists are a very handy ally in removing and transporting your furniture. Always make sure that if you need any lifting or moving done, opt for the option that gives you the most security and the least hassles and injury. After all, a few well spent dollars cannot compare to the cost of spinal injury or the cost of having broken antiques and the loss of things with sentimental value. Here in Sydney, the best and most experienced removals company is the Sydney Furniture Removals. We have catered hundreds if not thousands of customers for over a decade. We have provided our customers with the best service out there possible. And we can give you the lowest quotes for your budget as well as the best removals service there is! You can read more about our passion and how we do our best to give you more than just quotes, but also articles that can help you day by day. Give us a call and see all the services that we can do for you!